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Product description

AIR BLOCK is a autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) developed by advanced technology and has been an industry standard product certification from Thai Industrial Standard (TIS. 1505-2541). A special feature is Lightweight , Strong , Sound proof , Fire resistant up to 4 hr. AIR BLOCK was developed by advanced technology for use as a new species construction material of Thailand . It is widely used now and in the future. Worldwide Manufacturing and as long as in the German, UK, Australia , USA , etc.



  • Lighter than the brick wall to 2 times.
  • Heat protection ,Residential buildings so cool.
  • High strength and compressive strength better than brick .
  • A fireproof wall for longer than 4 hours , it is safe.
  • The standard size, making the job was not going to fall vertically.
  • Construction faster ,Life longer . no environmental impact and cost savings in the long run.
  • Sound absorption. Low Noise from outside.
  • Water absorption.It’s fungus-free.
Table of product specification
DimensionAmount of use ( block/Sqm.)Weight (Kg./block)
[ Length X Width ] 20 x 60 cm . ( Thickness 7.5 – 20 cm . You can order it all thickness )
Air Block 20 x 60 x 7.5 cm .8.33 blocks6.33
Air Block 20 x 60 x 10 cm .8.33 blocks8.4
Air Block 20 x 60 x 12.5 cm .8.33 blocks10.5
Air Block 20 x 60 x 15 cm .8.33 blocks12.87
Air Block 20 x 60 x 17.5 cm .8.33 blocks14.7
Air Block 20 x 60 x 20 cm .8.33 blocks16.8
Table of Feature Comparison
ListBrickAir block 7.5 cm.You got this.
Panel Weight / Sqm .  (cement plastering)180 - 200 Kg./ Sqm.90 – 100 Kg./ Sqm.Lighter than the brick wall to 2 times . Easy to use , cost savings in the long run . Reduce the rate of subsidence of the building.
Installation (Sq.m./Day)1025Faster installation more than 100 - 150 %
Compressive Strength35 Kg ./ Sq cm . .50 Kg ./ Sq cm . .The walls of the building overall strength more durable.
Water absorption0.3less than 0.3Not absorb water because surface discontinuous cavitation.
Fire proof ratio (Plastering all side )0.5 – 1 cm . .3.5 – 4 cm . .Safer for residents and used as a fire wall legal.
Thermal Conductivity (Watt / m. K degrees kelvin)1.2110.089 – 0.132 Low thermal conductivity and not heat. Energy savings up to 60%
Water piping and Electric systemsDifficult to extract the embedded cause cracks later.Drilling and Grooving work easier.Job done faster Not damage walls.
ManufacturingMake by clay a fired cause pollution.Bake in the oven using less raw materials, Steam scrap materials can used.Environmental, stable quality and durable over the life of the building.
Installation of door - windowTo Cast N pole lintels and must be braced.Without crutches and lintel.Job done faster, save cost than most.
Loss - cracking ( % )10     - 300 - 2More durable than
Annotation : Home compared with 200 sqm., Wall area 400 sqm. and does not include the cost to repair for the brick.